Tuition Rewards Program

The Countryside Tuition Rewards Program is a tuition savings plan that automatically rewards Countryside families for each year their children attend the Countryside Montessori School. Every Countryside family can easily benefit from this new program.

For each year a student is enrolled at our school, Countryside will “bank” $200 – $300 of tuition reward credits in their name. Once a student reaches the 9th grade, he/she can “cash in” their cumulative tuition reward and apply it toward their Countryside High School tuition. In other words, the longer you stay at Countryside, the less tuition you will pay in high school.

How it Works

Students will receive a $200 credit for each year they were enrolled in Toddler through 3rd grade, and a $300 credit for each year they were enrolled in 4th through 8th grade. New students will begin “banking” their tuition rewards beginning at the level in which they enroll. Once students reach the 9th grade, they can deduct their Cumulative Total for each year they attend Countryside High School.

Sally Jones is a current rising 9th grader who began her Countryside Montessori education in the Toddler House. She earned $2,900 in Tuition Rewards. She will be able to deduct that amount from each year she attends the Countryside High School, for a grand total of $11,600 in tuition reduction.

Year Level Rewards Cumulative Total
1 Toddler $200 $200
2 Pre-School $200 $400
3 Pre-School $200 $600
4 Pre-School $200 $800
5 Lower El. 1st $200 $1,000
6 Lower El. 2nd $200 $1,200
7 Lower El. 3rd $200 $1,400
8 Upper El. 4th $300 $2,000
9 Upper El. 5th $300 $2,300
10 Upper El. 6th $300 $2,300
11 Middle 7th $300 $2,600
12 Middle 8th $300 $2,900
David Green is a student who first enrolled at Countryside Montessori School in the 4th grade. Through the Tuition Rewards Program, David can earn $300 in tuition credits each year for a Cumulative Total of $1,500, which will be applied each year toward his Countryside High School tuition.

Year Level Rewards Cumulative Total
1 Upper El. 4th $300 $300
2 Upper El. 5th $300 $600
3 Upper El. 6th $300 $900
4 Middle 7th $300 $1,200
5 Middle 8th $300 $1,500