Primary Program
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Charlotte, NC 28269

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Elementary and Secondary Programs
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High School

Grades 9-12
Countryside is the first Montessori high school in North Carolina. It provides challenging academic classes while emphasizing the Montessori philosophy of student responsibility and respect. Student-centered learning provides opportunities for personally selected internships and community partnerships. Our unique and innovative curriculum encourages students to participate in an academic environment that prepares them for success in their next life steps.

Mission and Goals
High School focuses on college preparatory coursework with an underlying Montessori philosophy.   We accomplish this by:

  • empowering students to learn and experience quality life lessons and values 
  • allowing students to participate in leadership roles at school and within the community
  • motivating students to challenge themselves intellectually
  • creating a climate of mutual respect between students and staff
  • building leadership and collaboration skills through clubs, extracurricular activities and sports
  • encouraging cultural diversity by providing a structured learning environment for students from a wide variety of backgrounds 

Two week-long classes, one each in fall and spring semesters, allow students to apply their knowledge in real world situations or to learn a new skill. Students can choose from several exploratory classes taught on and off campus. Regular classes will not be held during intersession weeks. In addition to exploratory options, required intercession classes are:
Freshmen: Student Success Course (Students learn study, communication, and responsibility skills).
Sophmores: Community Service Projects
Juniors: College Tours
Seniors: Job Internships

Student Leadership Opportunities
All students are encouraged to create and manage intramural programs and student government activities, after-school enrichment and service clubs.

Community Service
High School students are required to perform community service as part of their graduation requirements. Community service allows students to apply the skills they have learned in school and learn how to be a contributing member of their community. These skills can then be applied after graduation to better the world in which they will live. Starting with the summer between freshman and sophomore years, students will be required to perform a minimum of 25 hours of community service and a minimum of 25 hours every semester thereafter.



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