Primary Program
4755 Prosperity Church Road
Charlotte, NC 28269

(704) 503-6000

Elementary and Secondary Programs
9026 Mallard Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28262


Elementary (Lower & Upper)

Lower Elementary (grades 1-3)
Upper Elementary (grades 4-6)

The Montessori program for the elementary student is a well-rounded one mixing developmental skills, research and creativity with an understanding of our world. Major subject areas are mathematics, reading, language arts, science, cultural subjects, art and music. In addition to the Montessori core curriculum, classes in Spanish, visual arts, music and physical education are incorporated into their work week. Field trips extend the classroom lessons to enhance their understanding of the environment and the world around them.
When learning new subjects, the students are encouraged to look for reasons, rather than simple answers. Their inquiring nature and questioning minds are excited to tackle integrated lessons. Students are involved in research projects beginning in Lower Elementary.

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