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Benefits of Montessori

The Benefits of a Montessori Education

As a parent, you may ask yourself, “What outcomes can we look for if we give our child a Montessori education?” The Montessori approach is often described as an “education for life.” When we try to define what students take away from their years in Montessori, we need to expand our vision to include more than just the basic academic skills. We invite you to consider the following benefits of a Montessori education::

Academic Preparation: Montessori education prepares children both for higher education and for life. On an academic level, the Montessori curriculum helps students attain skills that allow them to become independently functioning adults and life-long learners.

Intrinsic Motivation: Innate desire drives Montessori students to engage in activities for enjoyment and satisfaction.

Social Responsibility: Montessori children tend to be quite sensitive to the rights and needs of others. They strive to make a positive contribution to their community.

Autonomy: Montessori students are apt to become self-directed, composed, and morally independent.

Confidence and Competence: Montessori students have the propensity to become confident, competent, self-reflective, and thereby successful. They are generally not afraid of failure and learn from their mistakes.

Creativity and Originality of Thought: Montessori students become confident in expressing their own ideas and creativity. They recognize the value of their own work, respect the creative process of others, and are willing to share their ideas. Montessori students frequently take great satisfaction in self-expression.

Self-awareness and Responsibility: Montessori students are often exceptionally compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive to the natural world and the human condition.


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