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Imagine a school where your child is treated as an individual, with unique strengths and interests. Where students stay in the same classroom for three years at a time, allowing them to build a true learning partnership with their teachers and with their peers. Where students are allowed to explore a wide range of subjects and then pursue their passions. Where empathy and caring are more than just words, but the foundation of the school culture. Where students have countless real-world opportunities to bring academics to life and help them achieve a lifetime love of learning.

That school is Countryside Montessori. We invite you to see our school for yourself, and learn how your child can thrive in this nurturing and supportive environment — whether you’re at the beginning of your educational journey or looking to place your older child in a learning environment that places less focus on the test and more focus on developing successful leaders for life.

Founded over 30 years ago, Countryside Montessori is dedicated to fidelity of the Montessori method. The school is fully accredited by AMS, offers authentic Montessori materials, and ensures that each classroom is led by tenured, professionally certified Montessori educators.

Countryside has programs for children of all ages, including a program for our youngest students (ages 15 months to kindergarten) at our Prosperity Church campus as well as elementary, middle, and high school programs housed at our Mallard Creek campus. Each offers countless opportunities and benefits that we’ll be more than happy to share with you during your visit.

Both my children have been attending the children’s house since they were 3. It just amazes me how happy they are at school. My son only cried a little bit the first day he went to school because of the new environment. He has been happy since. Both my children have learned so much academically and socially. I want to point out how diverse the curriculum is and how they are presented in a very child friendly Montessori way. I can’t think of any better environment for my children to be. The staff and teachers are very nice and helpful. It’s true that the school has been through a lot of changes and the administrators are doing their best to accommodate students and parents’ need.
A Parent
My son has attended Countryside for almost two years now. I couldn’t be happier with the way he has blossomed at this school. Their staff and teachers are tremendous. He is biracial and has never experienced discrimination by any teacher/staff that I am aware of. He is very happy there and can read several grade levels beyond his expected target. Went to his class yesterday and this 8 year old is sharing his research project and it has Venn Diagrams on it. Great school.
A Parent
My sons attend Countryside–one is in his second year of preschool and the other is in 2nd grade. I can’t say enough about the high quality curriculum, caring teachers, lessons on grace and acceptance that the environment fosters, and the personal care and security my children have felt since the day they walked through the door. My 8-year-old is a special needs student, with perfect mental ability but fairly compromised physical abilities. Countryside has nurtured his fine motor skills development, basic life skills development (dressing, shoe tying, buttoning, etc), and he is excelling, confident in his ability to do everything his friends do in his very own way. The care with which they have helped support his need for social integration has been nothing short of remarkable–I can’t imagine being as satisfied in a public school setting. As a result, my older son is smart, confident and happy. And my youngest is thriving as well. He was reading chapter books by the time he turned 5, and his teachers have amazed me with their patient ability to recognize and nurture his sometimes aggressive need for stimulus and learning. I can’t say enough about this terrific school.
A Parent
Countryside is an ACCREDITED Montessori School, not all Montessori schools are and I would advise anyone looking to check and make sure that your prospective Montessori school is in fact accredited. Many schools talk the talk….Countryside walks the walk! My daughter is in the Upper Elementary Program and I couldn’t be happier. The academics are outstanding, she is challenged with a very diverse curriculum but what I am most concerned with is the education of the whole child that she receives on a daily basis. She is being given the opportunity to grow into a responsible, caring individual who respects her teachers and her peers. She is being taught to care about her environment, and to solve problems peacefully. I never have to encourage her to do her work, she knows what is expected of her and she does it…always ahead of the expected deadlines. The teachers are extremely dedicated at Countryside, they go above and beyond the call of duty, the administration is very supportive….a wonderful experience. My goal is to keep sending my daughter to Countryside through high school, I know she will get all the academic, social and life experiences she needs to set her up for college and life. Couldn’t be happier with this school and case in point…she is out of school two weeks now on summer vacation and she already wants to back, why?…her words “I love Countryside”.
A Parent
The school went through some difficult times in the last couple of years due to the change of the upper administration (and the change for the best, I must add), but has since fully rebounded. My child loves it there, the curriculum is challenging and diverse, the teachers are knowledgeable, respectful, caring and great communicators. The students are given a freedom of choice and responsibility for their work, but the teachers ensure that the students consistently make good choices and progress in their learning. I love the fact that the students are not talked down to; in lower elementary grades they learn about metaphors, similes and adverbs, arthropods are called arthropods and not bugs, decomposition is not called falling apart, and so on. As a parent, I appreciate seeing my child learning the academic content while also learning to be responsible, respectful and motivated. My only complaint is a weak foreign language program in the lower elementary school, with only one weekly lesson. However, for our family it’s a minor issue and overall we are very happy at this school!
A Parent
Both of my sons have been with Countryside for several years – 10 years and 7 years respectively. We’ve been very happy here – I think the thing I like the most is the positive environment. Children are positive and supportive of one another, leading to a very warm and comfortable atmosphere where students aren’t afraid to be themselves and explore new things. While there is a great deal of instruction happening, children are also able to take an active role in their education and pursue their interests. The teachers have all been great – on the very rare occasions where we have had issues, administrators and staff have been very accommodating and worked with us (making sure our child was part of the process!) to find a positive solution. I would highly recommend this school to others.
A Parent
Countryside is an amazing school. The lead teachers are all certified in Montessori education. They truly care about the individual children. My child can freely move ahead academically in the classroom. The individual choices are endless and engaging. Multi age classrooms work wonderfully to foster mentoring in the class.
A Parent
My children have been attending Countryside Montessori since age 4. With the recent (5 years ago) addition of the high school program, they can continue until graduation in a full Montessori environment. Those familiar with the Montessori philosophy understand that the program provides a ‘hands on’ learning experience (as opposed to a traditional classroom, where students are dictated to) and also teaches respect (for oneself and others), which leads to independent, conscientious students who are self-motivated to learn. For a small school, it also offers a tremendous number of programs inside and outside the classroom (athletics, community projects, NC Science Olympics, student government and student business) within a tight-knit community of parents, administrators and teachers. Overall, it has been a great experience and my children love attending the school.
A Parent
My son has been at Countryside for almost 3 years now and I couldn”t be more pleased. He has had a top rate education and is performing well above his grade level. Although Countryside is going through some major changes right now with the loss of the Head of School, I trust that the teachers and staff will carry on with the top notch curriculum that they have provided so far. My son fits in really well at this school and has experienced nothing but respect despite the fact that he is biracial and has other social circumstances that might lead to discrimination. He is well loved by students, families and teachers. Couldn”t recommend this school higher.
A Parent
Probably the best deal for an independent private school in Charlotte. Number of programs offered for the size of the school is impressive. Montessori philosophy (blended classes, individual student work plans, proven subject mastery vs test and move on) provides a solid education while highlighting the student”s skills. The student body is diverse and very cohesive.
A Parent
Countryside Montessori is a community of wonderful Montessori teachers, involved parents, and amazing students. To watch a Primary student work the Pink Tower, an elementary student mastering Racks and Tubes, or a Secondary student leaving their stamp on the community through internships is inspiring and exciting to see as a parent. You are quick to recognize that Countryside Montessori is here to serve the whole child, not just academics. Countryside Montessori’s staff is fully dedicated to the Montessori philosophy and serving each child as an individual, not a number. When you observe each community and how the children are working in those environments, you will realize that the Montessori philosophy is above the rest in educational methods.
Sally Pierce
My child has ADHD and an anxiety disorder. She has been in the Public school system until 2nd semester of 8th grade. She spent her days at school learning how to defend herself and not trust people. This is not what I want my child to learn. After 5 months at Countryside, she has learned people do care about her. She is not acting out as much, and doing her school work. When she spoke at the 8th grade graduation ceremony, I was overwhelmed and so proud of my daughter. She is growing up to be the awesome person she is.
Susan Drake
The lead and assistant toddler teachers at Countryside Montessori have been an immense resource for my family. I have learned to connect more with my son and accept behavior that is developmentally age appropriate. It is a peaceful and respectful environment where children thrive because their natural learning is led by their interests- without the interruption of being overly directed. My son is very social and has made numerous friends from different backgrounds. The multi-cultural demographic is a tribute to the school’s welcoming atmosphere.
Tricia Coorey
Countryside Montessori has Teachers and staff at the top of their game. My wife and I have always felt very fortunate, to have found Countryside. They are truly the best advocates for a child’s education. And they have always treated our Son as if he were one of their own.

Countryside Montessori has a sense of community that is difficult to find in a city the size of Charlotte. From his very first year, we envisioned Benjamin graduating from Countryside. Even our son truly appreciates the advantages offered, the friends he has made, and the mentors that have helped him learn and grow. He is aware this is a unique environment, that he would not find anywhere else.

I always like to tell people that Countryside Montessori is like something out of a Hollywood movie. A nurturing environment of highly motivated Teachers, Parents, and Children working are together, altruistically, to achieve some kind of greater good.

Bill Wood
My toddler has been at the school for one year. The students learn at 2 years old how to self-govern. They choose what “work” to do and how long they work on it. No child can steal a object from another. Learning science and math from a conceptual point of view. This is a great place, not just a day care, it is a community.
Karen B.
My child has been at this school for two and a half years, and we both love it. The students learn a lot in terms of the skills and content knowledge, and very importantly, they also learn to be self-motivated and self-governed, and respectful to their teachers and peers. The respect is mutual. The teachers, parents and students are a pleasure to interact with, and there is a great community spirit in the school. I think this school prepares an excellent ground for a life-long achievement of the students, and we’ll stay there as long as we can afford it :-).
A Parent
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